Thursday, January 28, 2010

When do YOU shower?

Today Jack and I got up at 8:30 am (I know, right? Wonderful!) and sat around watching Sesame Street until we went to the mall for some exercise. Ok, I admit mall walking is hardly an intense workout, but I need to do something and it is the only thing I have been able to do with Jack and even then he interrupts it.

We did stop to watch the puppies at the pet store. Too cute!
Anyways, Jack fell asleep on the way home. I put him to bed, grabbed some food for myself, took a few minutes to relax and was about to go shower when Jack woke up - an hour before I expected him to!
So, no shower for me yet. Not that I'm disgustingly sweaty or anything, but I do feel a bit gross. I am not sure if Jack will take another nap today or if I will have to wait until he goes to bed for the night - which might be 8pm after sleeping in - before I can feel clean again.
And I'm wondering, when do all of you moms shower?
Do you wake up extra early before your kid(s) wake up? Do you take one at night? Do you do it while your kiddos are awake? I just don't know what to do today except sit around feeling a tad disgusting.
Alright, not the most inspiring post today, I know. Just wondering if anyone smells like me... ;)


  1. I have a few shower plans that usually work. My favorite that doesn't happen very often is the before-bed bath. I blow out my hair and then touch it up in the morning before work, and it works pretty well, but usually I am too tired after putting L down and getting dinner, so I end up going to bed instead. In that case, I shower in the morning while Robin is feeding Lydia breakfast. On days when I am home with Lydia, I bring her into the bathroom with me and close the door. I give her some toys, but she mostly likes to play in the shower. (Our shower is a walk-in, not a tub, so she kneels by the side and splashes.) This is not super neat or clean, but it keeps her happy and allows me a shower, so I roll with it. The joys of motherhood, right?

  2. I shower at night, after Drew goes to sleep. I've also read a blog of a lady who uses her pack-n-play for this specific purpose. Her toddler goes in it for only 10 minutes a day, and that's during her shower. He can bring in whatever toys he chooses.

  3. Nighttime! I can usually make it work after Anne goes to bed and Sammy is between feedings. That way Sam is home to keep an ear on everyone. I do recall showering with Anne in the bouncy seat in the bathroom, and I've certainly done it while a kid cries in his/her crib. Sometimes you just need 10 minutes for yourself!

  4. After Sesame Street, we go upstairs, I get the kids dressed. Then I close them in Maggie's room (when she was smaller, I put her in the crib with toys.) Then I tell them I am taking a shower and I will get them after I am done/dressed. As long as we don't need to be anywhere before 10 it works. We do this almost every day! Just start a routine, he will get used to it. I used to do the bathroom with toys when Silas was little. Put him in a safe place to you don't have to worry and enjoy those 5-10 minutes!