Saturday, April 18, 2009

The First Cold

Here is a first I wasn't anxious for. Jack has his first cold. It started with a cough the other night and has progressed to productive coughs and rivers running from his nose. He keeps swallowing those loogies because he doesn't know how to spit yet. Have no fear, those things are coming out with his spit-up which he slimed me with this morning.

Thankfully the coughing hasn't disturbed his naps or his sleep overnight too much. There have been a few painful coughs that cause him to cry. But I go snuggle him, give him his pacifier (yes, we're still using that. - he hasn't quite gotten the thumb like I hoped), rock him back to sleep and all is well again.

It's funny because I have felt more confident in caring for Jack when he has been sick than I normally feel when he is healthy. I give him tylenol to help with aches and fevers, I feed him more often to keep him well hydrated, and I cuddle with him on the couch most of the day because he doesn't want to be put down. It's as though my over-protective motherly instincts are kicking in and I'm not concerned that his schedule is off or that he is fussy. I just want to make him feel better. Maybe I should trust myself more on the normal days. I think I can try it.

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  1. Definitely trust your insticts! Sounds like you're doing everything perfectly. (Not that I have any idea!)