Wednesday, April 15, 2009


While we haven't played with Jack as rough as Hammie played with Wren in this Baby Blues, Jack has had a lot of activity the past few days with his grandparents and uncle here. Last night we took a walk with the jogging stroller which doesn't have a shade to block out the world like our travel system does. It may be hard to believe, but seeing that many trees, clouds, and houses is overwhelming for him. After that, Jack took a short nap, then sat in his swing while we all ate dinner (more stimulating activity). When Grandma brought him to the table, he took one look at Grandpa and burst into tears. The poor kid had a meltdown. It took half an hour to calm him down.
I understand. I often feel like crying when company comes.
We're both staying home today while the rest of the family explores Denver.

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