Friday, August 14, 2009

Square Peg, Meet Round Hole

Have you ever felt like you were doing a job that didn't quite fit you and instead of thriving you find yourself tired at the end of each day? While I love being a mom and spending my time taking care of Jack, I hate the housework that comes along with being stay at home mom. I shouldn't say I hate it. I struggle with it. It is hard for me. That feels foolish and silly to say, but some housework exhausts me.

I thrive in the abstract world of ideas and relationships. I am passionate about reading, writing, brainstorming, and dreaming. I love deep relationships and mentoring others. I crochet and bake, but that's about all I like to do with my hands. And yet, here I am, surrounded by a concrete world of diapers, cooking, and cleaning.

While I know most people don't necessarily enjoy housework, I often am drained after one or two chores. The very thought of trying to organize our junk at times gives me miniature anxiety attacks. As a result, the buildup of housework leaves me feeling stressed out, inadequate and depressed. What makes me feel worse is hearing my neighbor vacuum her apartment up to three times a week! (yes, our walls are that thin)

I am learning to make it work though. I like having a clean house, so I have been motivated to figure out a system in which I can get some chores done without wearing myself out and with ample time to spend doing the reading and writing I love. After several months I think I finally have a solution. Every day, before Jack's morning nap, I spend just ten minutes doing simple chores. That way, once Jack is asleep, I can get straight to the things I want to do rather than putzing with the stuff I have to do.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me it has been life changing! I have finally figured out a way to work with my weaknesses in order to let my strengths shine! It’s not perfect (for example, today I put our sheets in the wash and completely forgot about them. Now it is nearly 9:00pm and I am waiting for them to dry so we can sleep in our bed), but I feel so much more joy in life.

Oh! Remember my domestic disaster last week with the soufflé? Check out the omelet I made myself for dinner last night.

Go ahead. Drool.

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