Saturday, October 3, 2009

Betcha Didn't Know I Could Crochet!

During the last few months of my pregnancy I had four or five ultra-sounds to measure Jack's head. The doctors were concerned that it was too big (measuring in the 90th percentile) though I kept assuring them, "All Kaihoi heads are big." Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I had a c-section due to low fluid levels and I was unable to show them that delivering a Kaihoi baby naturally could be done.

Also during those last months of my pregnancy I crocheted a hat for Jack. The pattern for the hat was for 6 months, so I thought surely it would fit. Apparently I underestimated the size of a "Kaihoi head" and that cute hat was way too small. I tried to make him another one right away, following the pattern for 18 months and this is what it ended up looking like:

He looked like a little Elf! (the brim is supposed to be folded up an inch or so)

This year, I decided to try again. I gave both my friend Ann and my cousin-in-law Jamie (also delivering a Kaihoi baby) hats as shower gifts.I used different yarn, added a couple of rows, and I think a different hook size. I was so nervous they would be too small and told them to let me know they fit. They both said, "I hope his head is smaller than this!" Don't we all... Thankfully, Ann's hat fit! (I haven't heard from Jamie) Here's Beck modeling it at two days old:

When the weather suddenly turned cold here in Denver a two weeks ago, we were not prepared. Encouraged by my success with Beck's hat, I decided to try again for Jack (whose head still measures at 70% while his height and weight are around 40%). Today, I finally finished a hat for Jack this winter. I modified the pattern I used above to make it.

I think it's pretty cute, don't you? Here's another because he's so cute.

Last night I was reading another mom-blog I started following. Beverly from A Baby? Maybe... was showing off some super cute patterns she found on Etsy. Inspired, I started looking on and ended up finding some cute booties I want to make to go with Jack's hat. What do you think? Which pattern(s) should I buy?

I was thinking these basic booties by Mamachee could be a nice way to ease into a new style:

Or maybe some Australian Uggs by crochetroo:

These loafers by sylver made my heart melt:

If I could knit I would have made Jack these booties when he was younger:

And I'm tempted to try making this doggie for him!

I could show you tons more projects I found, but you'll have to go to and check them out yourself. There are a lot of projects that can be purchased already made, you don't have to know how to crochet or knit to have cute handmade clothing! I think many of the sellers are moms - who else would spend so much time with baby clothes?


  1. good job leah, yes jack is very cute in his new hat, for the booties i like the second pict one. good luck

  2. I cracked up reading ths and then scrolling down to see the blue hat! I really needed that - thanks! I am impressed, BTW. I don't think I could do anywhere near such a great job!