Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costume Idea

I love dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Growing up, I didn't even know you could buy costumes because my mom always either made mine or we found some get up in the play clothes that transformed me into a Wealthy Old Maid (one of my favorites), a Black Cat (my last time out trick-or-treating), or Pinnochio (that costume was horrible by the way, mom; but I realize that Shelby had been born three weeks before Halloween that year so I now understand why we had no costumes until the night before).

(The Halloween Page of the Scrapbook My Mom Made for Me, Click to Enlarge)

This year I get to have even more fun and I get to dress up my son too!! I have always wanted to dress Jack as the traditional baby pumpkin that I have seen in so many of my friends' pictures. But I have started to entertain other costume possibilities when I saw this adorable skunk costume at

No one is more surprised than me that I am actually considering making Jack a costume (emphasis should probably be on the word considering), but I found a feather boa at The Dollar Tree and now I am actually considering it! The hard part is finding black clothes for a baby - but he could be a navy blue skunk, right? It's Halloween after all! Anyone can be anything! (There are other great ideas in the article 20 Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes check it out!)


  1. Black clothes for babies are SO hard to find... but I actually found black baby pants at Target the other day!!! They were on an end cap with some halloween hats and bibs. I think they were $4.99. Might be worth checking into! Good luck!

  2. Thanks! That might be good even if I just do the pumpkin (which is beginning to look more and more like the reality - ha!).

  3. Too cute! My mom STILL has the costume she made for me in first grade (that's 1990, people!)--a little skirt and cape that made me into a very adorable little witch.

    Sam is opposed to dressing babies as pumpkins (why? I don't know) so we've bought a few cute costumes. Annie was a penguin, then a dalmatian, and this year a candy corn. I'm trying to stay gender-neutral so we can keep passing them down to Sammy.

    Jack will make an adorable skunk--you might just have to put him in black leggings!