Saturday, May 2, 2009

How Big is Jack? So Big!

Tim hates it when I pull out "What to Expect the First Year" and start reading about all of the things Jack should, probably, possibly, and may even be able to do. The other day I read that a five month old baby should be able to "on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms." Jack has not done this yet - at least not well. I expressed concern and Tim took the book away from me with a scowl.

It is way too easy to start comparing Jack with other babies. Can he sit up? Is he sleeping through the night? Does he roll over? Truthfully, I hate it when people ask me if he's sleeping through the night. I say "no" feeling as though I have done something wrong, but I know in my heart that he's hungry when he wakes up. And it is silly to be concerned about what Jack's not doing when there is so much that he is.

Jack is constantly observing the world, as a baby should. His incessant desire to know what is happening behind him causes his body to turn so that I'm certain he'll roll over any day now. I just don't want it to happen while he's on the changing table. For some reason the upper left corner of that table is just fascinating to him. I need to more carefully implement the "one hand on the baby" rule.

One of my favorite things Jack is doing exploring all of the squeals, laughs, grunts, and yells his little vocal chords can make. I am having a hard time focusing on writing this post because of all of the commotion coming from the floor beside me.

While Jack cannot quite raise his chest off of the floor with his arms, he is working on sitting and I'm proud of how strong he is. Isn't that silly to be proud of something like that? But I am. It is so exciting to see him grow and develop.

And at the same time I'm a little sad, because pretty soon my baby will be a toddler, then a boy, a teenager, and a man. Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I will miss my baby cuddling in my arms and smiling at me for no reason. So I will continue to treasure every moment with my baby Jack and be thankful for his little, precious, ever developing life.

I hope you enjoy this video of him sitting! Sounds boring I'm sure, but I can't get enough!!


  1. He looks pretty pleased with himself...and then so sad when he falls over!

    We went through all kinds of drama when Anne wasn't walking "on schedule" and it turned out that she's totally fine--just super cautious. Jack-Attack will be fine, too, and will be up and off the floor before you know it. It is hard to wait, though!

    P.S. Does your husband need shirts? :)

  2. stinking cute, leah! i love his little grin!

  3. I agree with Tim... don't listen to the book. Remember that there is a very wide range of "normal" and babies are becoming less likely to crawl now with "back to sleep" and that will affect his tummy time abilities. Don't worry, he is developing beautifully! You and Tim are doing a wonderful job!!!

  4. Corrie - Jack is very very cautious as well. I put him in the booster seat today for the first time (we're preparing to start solids - he is so ready for that). He looked very uncertain about what he was sitting in and kept looking down at the ground! Also your p.s. had me laughing so hard I had to get out of my chair and dance in circles! :) The first thing Tim does when he gets home is take off his shirt. That's why we have so many pics like that. Haha!

    "Phyllis" (I mean Carissa) - Thanks! I love it too. :)

    Jess - thanks for the encouragement. I am working on blocking out the negative thoughts and I tried hard to do that in writing this post.