Monday, May 25, 2009

Twenty Minutes

Jack’s sleep has been going really well. He has done several 10 hour stretches at night and usually sleeps a total of 12 hours each night. His naps are about an hour and forty-five minutes each with a third shorter one in the evening. They give me time to get things done, relax, or nap if necessary. I’ve been pretty comfortable with how things have been going and have felt much more at ease in general.

Today Jack woke up from his first nap after about an hour and twenty minutes. I thought to myself, Hmm, he woke up about twenty minutes early. Do I let him cry and go back to sleep? It’s only twenty minutes, what difference will that make?

It turns out twenty minutes makes a BIG difference.

My sweet baby boy was nowhere to be found.

His laughs became cries.

His coos became grunts.

His smiles became vacant stares.

And his mommy became irritable.

For the short time Jack was able to stay awake, I had to constantly keep him entertained. He couldn’t sit or lie down on his own for more than 5 minutes before whining to be held.

Thankfully Tim bailed me out after work and I was able to leave. I wandered around Target (my happy place) for about an hour, picking up some yummy Oregon Chai for tonight. When I got home Jack was sound asleep, Tim made dinner, and I put on my sweats and ate brownies.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s better…


  1. i found your blog through kelsey. i wanted to let you know that i have enjoyed reading your blog and love your honest perspective on motherhood!


  2. Hey Laurie, so it's been a long time since you commented but I couldn't figure out how to contact you to respond! Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you've kept it up since I spaced out in June and July! :)